Iskra today

OJSC “Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant “Iskra” is one of the leading enterprises in Russia in the production of civil blasting and initiation systems for coal mining, mineral prospecting, civil engineering and metal working by blasting. The product range of the plant includes a wide variety of initiation systems and meets all the quality requirements. The products are competitive both in the Russian and world markets.

In 2010, the products which are in high demand among our customers were tested and certified for compliance with EU requirements by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in Berlin, Germany. Today OJSC “Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant “Iskra” has more than 300 customers including mining companies, open pits and others on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belorussia and Uzbekistan. Since 2012 we also supply our products to Switzerland and Finland.

Highly qualified personnel and operators as well as modern high-tech equipment enables OJSC “Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant “Iskra” to ensure high quality of all the products. Being aware of the necessity in constant developing, especially in terms of the product quality, our plant consistently carries out research work together with the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences and other research institutes. Experience QUALITY. PRECISION. RELIABILITY. Feel safe with us!

Iskra today
  • Today plant 'Iskra' is the job for 2700 highly qualified specialists and workers.
  • It is 118 items of goods, some of which do have counterparts neither in Russia nor abroad.
  • It is about 75% of the Russian market supply
  • It is the use of new scientific developments in cooperation with research centers of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science