Electric Detonators with Electronic Delay Module

JSC "Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant "Iskra" has developed technology of electronic blast control and now serially produces new generation blast initiation devices -electric detonators with electronic delay module EDEZ, EDEZ-S where traditional delay powder is replaced with a microchip providing absolute accuracy of initiation.


  1. Delay Timing Accuracy of ±1 ms.
  2. Flexibility: Any electronic delay, incremental of 1 ms.
  3. Predictability: 100 % predictable behavior of the detonator.
  4. Improved Rock Fragmentation.
  5. Combinability: Variety of blasting patterns.
  6. Reduced Vibration: Minimized adverse vibrations due to proper explosive energy distribution within a well-designed blast hole plan.
  7. Safety: Protection from electromagnetic waves.
  • ISKRA-T combines accuracy of electronic blasting systems, convenience and ease of installation of non-electric blasting systems.

  • EDEZ-S Electronic Borehole Detonator is designed for high accuracy delay initiation of charges inside downholes (boreholes) during surface blasting. It is produced with the lead wire 35 m maximum.

  • Electronic Detonator EDEZ is designed for high accuracy delay initiation of up to six shock tubes located outside the downhole (borehole) charges during surface blasting.