Non-electric Detonators

ISKRA is an extra safe non-electric Initiating system based on shock tube and blasting cap technology.

JSC "Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant "Iskra" offers all types of non-electric detonators for all kinds of applications.

  • ISKRA-S Millisecond Detonator;
  • ISKRA-P Surface Detonator;
  • ISKRA-PS Dual Delay Detonator;
  • ISKRA-Sh Long Period Detonator;
  • ISKRA-Start Lead-in-Line Detonator.


  1. Wide range of delay times.
  2. Increased control of mass explosion.
  3. Low seismic effect.
  4. High tensile strength.
  5. High water resistance.
  6. Exceptional safety.
  7. Combinability.
  8. Quality tested within 20 years' experience.
  9. CE marked (BAM).
  • ISKRA-Start Lead-in-Line is a detonator designed for initiating blasting circuits of detonating cords and non-electric detonators in surface and gas- or dust-safe underground blasting.

  • ISKRA-Sh Long Period Detonator is available in 41 periods from instantaneous to 10000 ms. Designed for use in underground mines, in tunnels, shafts, trenches and other applications where class II non-permitted explosives are allowed for use.

  • ISKRA-S Millisecond Delay Detonator is available in a sequence of 16 periods from instantaneous to 500 ms. Designed to initiate cast, TNT and RDX boosters and ammonite cartridges. The system can be initiated by non-electric detonators, detonating cords, electric detonators.

  • ISKRA-PS Dual Delay Detonator combines the benefits of in-hole Millisecond detonators and Surface detonators in one product. This solution enables faster connections and convenience in handling. Available in customisable delay series and shock tube length.

  • ISKRA-P Surface Detonator is designed for initiation of other shock tube detonators providing delay between holes on the surface as well as in underground gas- or dust-safe mines. Available in 7 delay series.