Cap-and-Fuse Blasting

Cap-and-fuse blasting is a blasting method based on initiation of a plain detonator from safety fuse. The fuse initiates from any igniter. Cap-and-fuse blasting is used particularly for special blasting.

For this blasting methodJSC "Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant "Iskra" offers the following products:

  • Polymer Safety Fuse OShP;
  • Asphalted Safety Fuse OShA;
  • Plain Detonator KD8-MA;
  • Incendiary Paper Cartridge ZP-B;
  • Electric Igniter EZ-OSh-M.


  1. Low price.
  2. Simplicity in use.
  3. Applicability in extreme conditions and environments.
  • Incendiary Paper Cartridge ZP-B is designed for simultaneous ignition of a bunch of fuse segments placed in the cartridge by means of using segments of fuse or electric igniter of safety fuse EZ-OSh-M.
  • Polymer Safety Fuse is designed for initiating plain detonators, black powder cartridges and special devices used in surface and in underground blasting in gas- and dust-safe mines and pits in dry, wet or watered conditions.

  • Огнепроводный шнур асфальтированный предназначен для инициирования капсюлей-детонаторов, зарядов из дымного пороха и специальных изделий, применяемых на земной поверхности и в подземных выработках, кроме шахт и рудников, опасных по пыли или газу, в сухих и влажных условиях (без соприкосновения с водой).

  • Plain Detonator is designed for initiating explosive cartridges in all kinds of blasting except for blasting in mines with gas or dust explosion hazard.

  • Electric Igniter of Safety Fuse EZ-Osh-M is designed for igniting safety fuses; black powder or incendiary paper cartridges in dry conditions except for blasting in mines with gas or dust explosion hazard. Ignites from direct and alternating-current sources or from triggers and blasting assemblies.