Radio Remote Blasting System

Radio remote blasting system is designed for remote initiation of one or several blasting circuits consisting of electronic detonators EDEZ (EDEZ-S) or non-electric detonators ISKRA.

The system consists of the following devices:

  • radio frequency blasting adapter (RFBA);
  • operator's console "Granat RPO-1";
  • retransmitter "Granat R-l".

Every device is equipped with a radio modem. The system can contain different number of the above mentioned devices.

  • Radio Frequency Blasting Adaptor RFBA is designed for initiating and testing electric detonators with electronic delay module EDEZ and EDEZ-S, as well as for initiating of the shock tube P (surface) and shock tube S (downhole) in non-electric detonators. Radio adapter can be controlled both from the radio frequency network and from the laptop via USB interface. In order to exclude events of unauthorised access the radio adapter is equipped with an electronic key reader.

  • Operator's console "Granat RPO-1" is designed for remote controlling of the radio frequency blasting adaptor RFBA via radio channel. For reading individual identification numbers of EDEZ (EDEZ-S) the Operator's console is equipped with a barcode scanner. Preliminary uploading of the blast circuit design into the console is possible with the help of the software "Vzryvnik".

  • Retransmitter "Granat R-l" is designed for extension of radio network coverage. Retransmitter receives commands from any device in the radio frequency network and redirects them to another device of the network.