Blasting Accessories

JSC "Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant "Iskra" offers its customers the following accessories for blasting works:

  • Spider (Upward Borehole Blasting Accessory);
  • Hard Hydro Cartridge;
  • Polyethylene Sleeve;
  • Polyethylene Bag;
  • Safety Terminal Clamp.
  • Is designed for insulation of connected ends of lead wires of electric detonators during blasting works.

  • Polyethylene Film Sleeve is designed for placing explosives of various density in dry and watered downholes with depth up to 50 m. The diameter of the sleeve is 80 mm minimum.

  • Spider is designed for fixing position of upgraded small-sized booster DPM-70 in boreholes of diameter from 90 to 120 mm.

  • It is applied in blasting works.

    The size of the bag is from 500 to 1030 mm.

  • Hydro Cartridge is designed for borehole blasting in order to use as a means of hydro tamping in mines with gas or dust explosion hazard. They comprise a cylindrical container with a plug, which is filled with water or water-based blends of other inert materials. There is a fixing element for using in vertical or diagonal boreholes in order to exclude possibility of the hydro cartridge falling out of the borehole. Hydro Cartridge is designed for boreholes of diameter from 42 to 45 mm. Dimensions: diameter is 37 mm; height is 240 mm or 355 mm.